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Investigations in Bolivian Amazon


RAH 2017
  • (Karwowski A., 2021) Estilos de cerámica de la región sur del bajo río Beni en tiempos prehispánicos en el contexto de investigaciones en Uaua-uno y Copacabana [in:] Chachapuma. Revista de Arqueología Boliviana 10: 5-18.

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  • (Karwowski A., 2019) Ceramic styles of lower Beni River region (Bolivian Amazon) in the context of investigations in Uaua-uno and Copacabana archaeological sites [in:] The Latest Results of American Studies. TAMBO, Boletin de Arqueología, no. 4, ed. A. Belan Franco, E. Bewziuk, J. Szykulski, J. Wanot, pp. 121-151. Arequipa-Wrocław: University of Wrocław, Universidad Catolica de Santa Maria - Arequipa.

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  • (Karwowski A., 2018) Andyjskie zapożyczenia leksykalne w językach dorzecza Beni (Amazonia boliwijska) w świetle danych archeologicznych, historycznych i etnograficznych [in:] Rocznik Antropologii Historii 11: 297-325.

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  • (Karwowski A., 2018) Posibles huellas de la expansión de los Guaraní en la cuenca del río Beni (Amazonia boliviana) [in:] Textos Antropológicos 19(1): 83-104.

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  • (Karwowski A., 2017) Terms for ceramic vessels in Panoan and Tacanan languages: ethnoarchaeological observations. [in:] Rocznik Antropologii Historii 10: 233-254.

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  • (Karwowski A., 2008). Investigaciones arqueológicas del sitio Uauauno, Departamento del Beni, Bolivia. [in:] TAMBO, Boletin de Arqueologia, no 1., ed. J. Szykulski, pp. 131-141. Arequipa: Universidad de Wroclaw, Universidad Catolica de Santa Maria - Arequipa.

  • (Karwowski A., M. Obałek, M. Spanowicz, 2008). Investigaciones arqueológicas del sitio Uauauno, Departamento del Beni, Bolivia. Temporadas 2004 y 2005. [in:] Polish Contributions in New World Archaeology, New Series, fasc. 1, ed. J. K. Kozłowski and J. Źrałka, pp. 41-50. Kraków: Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, Jagiellonian University - Institute of Archaeology.

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  • (Karwowski A., 2006). Badania archeologiczne stanowiska Uaua-uno z okresu przedhiszpańskiego nad rzeką Beni w Boliwii. Acta Universitatis Nicolai Copernici, Seria Archeologia 30: 211-245.

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Studies on the Maya culture

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Author's drawings of codex-style ceramic vessels:

(Based on rollout photographs from the Internet archives of Justin Kerr).

Vase K2794. Dying old god (perhaps Itzamná), lying on the bed. Next to him a young god with deer features (horns and ears) (God N?) is siting, wearing shell on his neck. He is looking at a young woman who strokes a deer.

Dating: Late Classic Period (AD 700-900).
Size: height: 11.8 cm; diameter: 10.2 cm; perimeter: 31.2 cm.
Location: ?

Vase K521, the so-called Metropolitan Pot, showing a scene of the sacrifice of Baby Jaguar. Around the child (with paws and the tail of a jaguar) layed on the altar, the God of Death (God A) and Chaak are dancing. This event is being watched by a dog with jaguar features and an insect, perhaps a skylight, appearing in the Popol Vuh epic.

Dating: Late Classic Period (AD 700-900).
Size: height: 16.3 cm; diameter: 10.0 cm; perimeter: 31.4 cm.
Location: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Vase K1152 - similar scene, however instead of Baby Jaguar, Waterlily Jaguar appears on the altar. Chaak is depicted in a typical zoomorphic form, occuring also on one of decorated bones from Burial no. 116 in Tikal.

Dating: Late Classic Period (AD 700-900).
Size: height: 10.5 cm; diameter: 12.3 cm; perimeter: 33.5 cm.
Location: ?

Vase K1339. Old god (God N or Sun God) seduces a young goddess, probably the the Moon Goddess. This scene refers to analogical figurines from Jaina Island. The next scene shows the goddess dropping down her robes in front of the deer.

Dating: Late Classic Period (AD 700-900).
Size: height: 11.0 cm; diameter: 12.4 cm; perimeter: 35.0 cm.
Location: ?

Vase K2572. One of several scenes depicting a ruler holding the Ceremonial Bar, through which the serpent crawls. The figure of an old god with deer features emerges from the serpent's mouth. Another figure, sitting next to him, holds probably a sacrificial bowl.

Dating: Late Classic Period (AD 700-900).
Size: height: 11.4 cm; diameter: 15 cm; perimeter: 36 cm.
Location: ?

Vase K6751. One of several vessels with glyphic texts of the so-called dynastic series refering to Calakmul rulers and their mythical ancestors.

Dating: Late Classic Period (AD 700-900).
Size: height: 16 cm; diameter: 14.2 cm; perimeter: 37.5 cm.
Location: ?

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