AVRPascal 1.10 with UnoLib 0.4

AVRPascal is a Pascal code editor designed for programming AVR microcontrollers (ATtiny and ATmega families). It leverages the FreePascal compiler to compile source code, and AVRdude to transfer the compiled code to the microcontroller's memory using programmers like USBasp or Arduino Uno (ATmega328p only). Key features:

  • Syntax highlighting for improved code readability.
  • Error indication: Points to the line of code containing compilation errors.
  • Tooltips: Provide information about function and procedure parameters, record fields, and class methods.
  • Tabbed document interface for efficient code organization.
  • Microcontroller fuse-bit configuration capability.

Arduino Uno

Arduino Uno board

UnoLib is a Pascal library designed for the Arduino Uno platform (ATmega328p microcontroller with a 16MHz clock). It is a translation of a subset of the standard Arduino libraries, adapted as needed for a Pascal environment. Moreover, support for fixed point numbers has been added. Modules included:

  • analog.pas - support for analog pins
  • defs.pas - definitions of constatnts, bit manipulations, port support
  • dht.pas - support for DHT11/22 sensors
  • digital.pas - support for digital pins
  • ds1302rtc.pas - support for ds1302 real time clock
  • fix16.pas - support for fixed point numbers
  • hardwareserial.pas - support for serial communication
  • liquidcrystal.pas - support for LCD
  • timer.pas - time-related routines

The application is distributed as freeware. It means that it can be used completely free for home use, while it is forbidden to introduce any modifications or derive financial benefits from the distribution of the program by third parties. Although, I have made my best to ensure that the program works correctly, I cannot give any guarantees for the program operation and I am not liable for any possible damage resulting from its usage.

Date File Size Notes
28/04/24 AVRPascal_Changes.txt 2.47 KB List of changes
28/04/24 AVRPascal_Manual.pdf 365,88 KB Manual
28/04/24 AVRPascal. 13.77 MB Installer (Windows 64-bit). The USBasp programmer requires the libusb driver installed. The Arduino board requires installed drivers for Windows.
28/04/24 AVRPascal. 11.59 MB DEB package (Linux 64-bit). To use the USBasp programmer or Arduino board, run the program with root privileges or add a logged user to the dialout group.
28/04/24 AVRPascal. 9.89 MB PKG package (MacOS 64-bit)

AVRPascalDbg 1.10

Debugger for AVRPascal, based on the DebugWire protocol. It communicates with AVR microcontrollers using a USB-UART converter, installed in the operating system as a virtual serial port. AVRPascalDbg works with adapters based on the FT232, PL2303, or CH340 chip. The debugger has basic debugging functionality such as starting, interrupting, and resuming the program, adding breakpoints, and viewing register values of the microcontroller. The limitation of the demo version of AVRPascalDbg is the maximum size of flash memory that can be loaded into the microcontroller, which is 350 bytes.

Date File Size Notes
28/04/24 AVRPascalDbg_Changes.txt 1.23 KB List of changes
01/03/24 AVRPascalDbg_Manual.pdf 364.83 KB Manual
28/04/24 AVRPascalDbg. 5.24 MB Installer (Windows 64-bit) containing the plug-in and the DEMO license file. The converter requires the VCP driver to be installed. It can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website (Waveshare for FT232, Prolific for PL2303, Quinheng for CH340).
28/04/24 AVRPascalDbg. 5.21 MB DEB package (Linux 64-bit) containing the plug-in and the DEMO license file.

Updated: 01/03/24