UnoLib 0.2

UnoLib is a library written in Pascal designed for the Arduino Uno platform (ATmega328 microcontroller with a 16MHz clock). It is a translation of part of the standard Arduino library, with the necessary modifications. Support for fixed point numbers has also been added. UnoLib requires installation of the FreePascal compiler for AVR microcontrollers and a program that allows to transfer of the binary code to the memory of the microcontroller, e.g. AVRDude.


  • analog.pas - support for analog pins
  • defs.pas - definitions of constatnts, bit manipulations, port support
  • dht.pas - support for DHT11/22 sensors
  • digital.pas - support for digital pins
  • ds1302rtc.pas - support for ds1302 real time clock
  • fix16.pas - support for fixed point numbers
  • hardwareserial.pas - support for serial communication
  • liquidcrystal.pas - support for LCD
  • timer.pas - time-related routines
Arduino Uno

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20/04/22 41.33 KB Source code

AVRCode 0.4

Assembler code editor for AVR microcontrollers. Features:

  • includes built-in gavrasm compiler written by Gerhard Schmidt
  • has syntax-highlighting, in case of compilation errors it indicates the line of code where the error occurred
  • has tabbed document interface
  • supports USBasp programmers

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19/02/23 AVRCode_Changes.txt 619.00 B List of changes
Windows 32/64-bit
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19/02/23 8.26 MB Executable file. Requires libusb driver to be installed.
Linux 64-bit
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19/02/23 8.08 MB Executable file

Updated: 17/01/23