PasEdit 1.4

PasEdit is a programming environment for the Borland Delphi 3 compiler (dcc32.exe). It includes an editor with highlighted syntax, built-in hint mechanism and a code explorer. If the editor detects any compilation errors, it indicates the line of code in which the error occurred. Its advantages include low memory demand and high speed of operation. The program also allows you to take full advantage of Object Pascal capabilities without using VCL libraries, which means that developed programs are faster and executable files are smaller.

Technical data

Language: Object Pascal
IDE: Borland Delphi 3
Technology: VCL, Win32 API, DLL libraries, custom components
OS: Microsoft Windows 32-bit

About 60,000 lines of code

Contents (in Polish)

File Size MD5 checksum
PasEdit.part1.rar 2 000 000 bytes b23aede7fbf7e4a74f1bfd347d8af70b
PasEdit.part2.rar 2 000 000 bytes ec27bff502e2d38ec18676b91c6bcb69
PasEdit.part3.rar 2 000 000 bytes 3372fefe6d4ee105a69ae87586b34152
PasEdit.part4.rar 2 000 000 bytes 278a517fc0e96ddbf4998ebd11b6b5fc
PasEdit.part5.rar 2 000 000 bytes ad2e384bdacfd8d6b592533ee566cb7b
PasEdit.part6.rar 384 454 bytes 1ccc01584e7a5400b711a176e112fdc5
PasEdit_pl.pdf 266 248 bytes 104992f7fe0ef9037c2ae723df27f6d5

Updated: 11/09/11