SmallMap 0.35

SmallMap is a tool for creating vector maps using raster data as well as for processing spatial information. The application is based on the relational Firebird 3.0 database. It allows you to collect and process raster images and vector layers. Currently, the program works with spatial data in WGS84 system and WebMercator projection. It operates in two modes: preview and edition of objects. The default unit set in the program is one meter.

Technical data

Language: Object Pascal
Compiler: FPC 3.0.4
IDE: Lazarus 1.8.4
Database: Firebird 3.0
Technology: LCL, Win32 API, DLL libraries, custom components
OS: Microsoft Windows 32/64-bit


Demo version

The restrictions of the demo version are only those referring to a fewer number of available plugins (SHPLib and TIFFLib, exclusively) and generators (none). Apart from this, the application is fully functional. The demonstration license has no time limits.

The demo version of the application is distributed as freeware. It means that it can be used completely free for home use, while it is forbidden to introduce any modifications or derive financial benefits from the distribution of the program by third parties. Although, I have made my best to ensure that the program works correctly, I cannot give any guarantees for the program operation and I am not liable for any possible damage resulting from its usage.

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Older versions

Old distributions starting from version are available on the same principles as the current version. If necessary, you can get earlier versions of the application by sending me a request by email.

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SmallMap. 51.6 MB 61191784D5A4E7F629885CCAD573A864C83DA37C

Updated: 19/04/20