The program enable the generation of vector layers based on existing data or information delivered by the user, through the mechanism of generators (menu Layers->Generate). Currently the following generators are available in the program:

Generator Notes
GridGen Generator of Are grid
IsoGen Generator of isolines based on a height map

The number of available generators is gradually increased. So far, it is possible to generate the Are grid in relation to the reference point, useful e.g. in archaeology to determine the examined area of the site (Fig. 25).

SmallMap - Grid Settings

Fig. 25. Are grid generator window.

Another application is generating of isolines based on the heighmap of given area. To do this, select the SRTM raster layer in preview mode and, after starting the generator window (Fig. 26), specify parameters such as height range, step between isolines and size of the interpolated image cell (they affect the detail of the result).

SmallMap - Isolines Settings

Fig. 26. Isolines generator window.

The colors of individual isolines are determined automatically on the basis of the color palette of the raster background, although their tone is slightly darker. The result is a set of polylines (Fig. 27), which can be edited in the program in a standard way (see Chapter 5).

SmallMap - Isolines Preview

Fig. 27. Isolines generated each 100 m on raster background.


Updated: 22/03/20