The application installer package is several dozen MB in size and can be divided into several parts. After unpacking it, run the installer program (SmallMap{version}Demo.exe) and start the installation process.

SmallMap - Setup

In the next steps, the installer will ask you for the destination directory ("C:\Program Files\SmallMap" by default), and the name of the shortcut in the Start menu ("SmallMap"). Default settings are recommended. Then the process of copying files and registering the application will start.

SmallMap - Installing

After its completion you can start the program from the list in the start menu. You will be prompted to select the database to be used by SmallMap. The default installed database is "DEMO.FDB".

SmallMap - Choose DB

Then a list of available maps will appear in the main application window. You can choose a demonstration map showing the administrative division of Poland (POL). It will then be loaded in the preview mode and the program is ready for work.

SmallMap - POL

If you try to install a program previously installed on the system in a lower version, the installer will inform you about it by suggesting an update of the program to the latest version or removal of SmallMap from the system.

SmallMap - Update

In such a case, once the program is launched, it will detect the incorrect version number of the database being used, and display a message about the incompatibility of the application version with the database version.

SmallMap - Update

To update the database, use DBUpdate.exe tool, available from the program menu and located in the application folder. It allows you to create a new database and upgrade the existing one to the current version. This task is carried out by SQL scripts that were made available by the author, and are launched when creating or updating the database.

SmallMap - DBUpdate.exe

If you choose the option of creating a new database, it will be created in the latest version; while selecting the update option, the user can indicate the target version of the database. Then, this tool will ask you to choose the script to be run, and you need to select the script number that matches the version number of the application. After the script completes the task, the tool will inform you that the database has been updated.

SmallMap - Running script

Updated: 28/01/20