Raster data

The program does not create new rasters, but you can add/import them via the Layers->Add Raster Layer menu or the button in the docked Layers window. So you can add an existing raster from the database, i. e. previously imported rasters (Fig. 1), combine existing rasters (Merge rasters) or import them from a (Geo)TIFF file, provided that it refers to the WGS84 ellipsoid.

SmallMap - Add Raster

Fig. 1. Add Raster dialog window. Adding a raster layer from the database.

The Add Raster dialog window also allows you to remove rasters from the database (button ) and change the name of a given raster layer (button ). The Merge Rasters option has four filters defined: Near Infrared, True-Color, Shortwave Infrared 1 i 2, which are used to combine images from the respective LandSat image ranges. If the option of raster import has been selected, the program will load the source file and then you need to specify the raster type by selecting it from the list of all defined types (Fig. 2). Name and Description fields have only informative significance to the user.

SmallMap - Raster Info

Fig 2. Raster Info dialog window. Raster data import.

After loading into the program, raster files are positioned, and 8-bit and 16-bit rasters are displayed in gray scale, by default.


Updated: 29/01/20