Below I present several applications of my authorship or co-authorship. They were developed using Delphi/FPC compilers.

Software supporting scientific research

SmallMap 0.47. Application developed since 2010 has been designed to create vector maps of terrain based on satellite images (in the WGS84 standard). The program allows using of layers and full editing and positioning of shapes. It provides features such as import raster data from GeoTIFF files, import vector data from GPX (GPS) or SHP files, and import database data from DBF files. Moreover it allows you to export prepared maps to Windows metafiles (EMF, WMF). The application supports SQL queries.


GeVero 2.0. Project executed under the direction of Prof. Marek Kozicki (Institute of Architecture of Textiles, Lodz University of Technology). See official website of the software.

Vases Archive 3. The third version of a browser of the Mayan vases photos. The data comes from the online Justin Kerr's catalogue. The application allows you to view the contents of the archive in two modes: thumbnails with description and large photographs. The content of the descriptions essentially corresponds to the data from the Kerr's catalogue. The program also allows searching of the archive using such criteria as: number, type of vessel, dimensions, iconographic elements and additional data. The database comes from 2001 and encloses a collection of over 1.5 thousand vessel photographs and descriptions.

The software along with the data takes 319 MB, which makes it impossible to include it on this page. If you are interested, please contact me.

MayaGlyph 1.2. Digital dictionary of the Maya glyphs. The data comes from the John Montgomery's dictionary available on the FAMSI website. The program, like a dictionary, organizes phrases alphabetically, gives their phonetic value and grapheme numbers according to Thompson's catalogue (1962). The application also supports hypertext links. A help file based on the description of the catalogue by Peter Mathews is included.

Download MayaGlyph1_2.rar (1.98 MB)

Utility software

Photo Corrector 1 (alpha). Program correcting the distortion of digital photographs resulting from the characteristics of the camera lens. It reads data from * .jpg files and use rich database of digital cameras for automatic correction of lens distortion. A program is written using the PasEdit 1 editor without using the VCL component library, which makes the executable file smaller (158 KB) and improves the speed of the program operation.

If you are interested, please contact me.

Munsell Color Chart
MChart 1.1 Tables of colors based on the Munsell system, useful, for example, in archaeological documentation. The program contains 10 tables: Red (R), Yellow-Red (YR), Yellow (Y), Green-Yellow (GY), Green (G), Blue-Green (BG), Blue (B), Purple-Blue (PB), Purple (P), and Red-Purple (RP) - in four scales (2.5, 5, 7.5 and 10) ordered by saturation and color values. It allows you to save tables in EMF (Enhanced Windows Metafile) file format.

If you are interested, please contact me.

Programming tools

AVRPascal 1.10. Pascal code editor for AVR microcontrollers (ATtiny and ATmega) using the FreePascal compiler. Transfers code to the microcontroller via AVRdude with USBasp or Arduino (ATmega328p only) programmers.


AVRPascalDbg 1.10. Debugger for AVRPascal, based on the DebugWire protocol. AVRPascalDbg has basic debugging functionality such as starting, interrupting, and resuming the program, adding a breakpoint, and tracking changes in the microcontroller register values.


AVRCode 0.4. Assembler code editor for AVR microcontrollers. Includes built-in compiler gavrasm written by Gerhard Schmidt, and supports USBasp programmers.

Download AVRCode 0.4 (Windows - 8.26 MB)
Download AVRCode 0.4 (Linux - 8.08 MB)

Unit Dumper 2.0. Application that allows you to browse the contents of compiled O and OBJ files. It supports OMF (compilers such as Intel and Borland) and COFF (Microsoft) standard. The user interface is based on the Windows registry editor.

Download UDump 2.0 (Windows - 5.17 MB)
Download UDump 2.0 (Linux - 5.59 MB)
PasEdit 1.4. Environment designed for Borland Delphi 3 compiler (dcc32.exe). It includes an editor with highlighted syntax, code explorer and a built-in experimental debugger. If the editor detects any compilation errors, it will indicate the line of code in which the error occurred.

Download PasEdit 1.4 (9.90 MB)

ResEdit 1.0. Graphical environment for Microsoft resource compiler (rc.exe). It contains an editor with a syntax highlighted and indicates the line of code in which the error occurred during compilation. The program also allows the compilation of resources to the DLL library.

Download ResEdit 1.rar (721.32 KB)

Updated: 01/03/24